21st March 2020

The Crimson Guardians held its first unique event dubbed the Puffle Takeover.

A first of its kind event, we had our fellow Guardians dressed in the latest Puffle Costume, thus giving the name, Puffle Takeover.

Hosted by Bean Pea, Goddess Landless and Sl0ppy, the event proved to be a success from the very first room, Iceberg, where we managed to max 17 penguins. Goddess Landless started off the Event with some clever and funny Tactics, and the penguins were in perfect synchronisation from start to end.

The Guardians then moved to the Beach, where we were able to hold our max of 17 penguins. Led by Sl0ppy we were able to quickly gather into a plus formation and it seemed like we were all one penguin, with all penguins hitting the tactics at the right times and holding it till the end.

The final room, Stadium, was led by Bean Pea, and the Guardians were able to quickly gather into a beautiful V formation while at the same time maxing 18 penguins. Besides the pun filled tactics, the Guardians were able to end off with a quick Quarantine message to everyone out there as their final tactic message.

With such a successful event, we can truly say that anything is paw-sible for the Crimson Guardians! Kudos!

Room 1: Iceberg

Room 2: Beach

Stadium Puffle

Room 3:

Stadium Room 3

Max Count: 18

Max Count


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