First CPR Event

Crimson Guardians  – First Event on CPR

As a small army who moved from one CPPS to another, Crimson Guardians is proud to say the first event was a success! The uniform was from a code celebrating Earth Day! The practice tactics was hosted by Landless and began at the iceberg with an awesome start, with going around the island and getting others to join in on the fun, maxing 12!

Guardians took the second room with confidence as they made an X formation, using a variety of emojis and tactics they succeeded at conquering the stadium.

To end it all off the guardians formed a diagonal line at the snow forts and made sure their flame was seen!

We hope to see more events like this in the future. We may have lost our wings but that doesn’t mean we’ll give up!

Bean Pea

2 thoughts on “First CPR Event

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