AUSIA Hide and Seek!

The AUSIA hide and seek event hosted by Bean Pea, maxing 8 (highest max not pictured) was a success! We logged onto Permafrost and started with a few tactics such as E1!

There were 5 rounds where Round 1 had one seeker, Stinklord333 and found everyone except Alishawarma, Kr3bi and Joha254a, who all received an extra 50 points each!

Round 2 had two seekers, DioEgirl and FishEatsCake, they did a great job because almost everyone was found except Stinklord333!

The third round was a little different, I was hidden and everyone else were seekers! The first person to find me would receive an extra 50 points! Well done to Kr3bi who found me at the Pizza Parlor!

The fourth round was a little different too, where the first person to say “Hi Bean” on CPR would be the hider of this round and everyone else would look for him! Well done to Stink for finding him in the mines! You get a cookie 🍪

Last but not least, the fifth round’s seeker was Renmei! She found Joha while our 2 moderators, Sloppy and Stink were still hiding, you get 2 cookies 🍪🍪 as well as Kr3bi who received an additional 50 points!


Thank you to everyone who attended we appreciate you a lot! There will be more exciting events in the future! Make sure to leave your ideas in the comments!

Bean Pea

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