Battle Against Sky Troops

The first tournament battle was held between the Crimson Guardians and Sky Troops. It was hosted by our Burnt Colonel, Landless! We are proud to say we won the battle with a score 3-0 and it was a success! With a starting max of 7 in the first room, the boiler room we fought valiantly with strong tactics and formations, such as horizontal line formation.

For the second room, the inside mine, our max increase to 8! We J bombed the room and proceeded to form a “+” formation. Different tactics were used and followed with another bomb! Our size gave us the slight advantage as we were able to overlap their tactics with ours!

Last but not least we obliterated the last room, ski village, with a strong X formation. With a variety of emotes and rakes, we surrounded the room and ended the room with our heads up high!

Here’s another picture of the last room!

We’ve been doing spectacularly well, achieving Top 5th in the Top 10 small/medium armies, winning a tournament battle, I’m proud of how Crimson Guardians have come so far! What were your thoughts on the battle? Let us know in the comments!

Bean Pea

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