[EU] Challengers Cup: CG vs. SE

The Crimson Guardians are proud to say we’ve advanced to the next round of the tournament. It was hosted by our Burnt Colonel, Landless and maxed 16+. We’re elated that we were able to win this battle. It was extremely close and we acknowledge our weaknesses from this and will try to grow, not only as an army but as a family!

The first room was our best room, we swept the spectators off their feet as we formed a horizontal line. After using tactics with a lot of spark, Silver Empire proceeded to sit on us. We then counterstriked this by J bombing and forming a vertical line over their horizontal line. It was clear we won this room.

We formed a diagonal line for the second room, the inside pool. We realized the strength of our opponents but kept our heads up high as we fought. After they formed a horizontal line we formed a diagonal line in the opposite direction. We then J bombed and formed an X. We didn’t do as great as we did in the first room but we still kept our composure. We tied in this room.

We formed a plus in the third room, ski village. We were determined with our tactics, using different and proceeded to waterfall EO (popcorn emotes). We then surrounded the room and gave our last move in this battle. This room wasn’t as great as the first either but we still did fairly well. We tied in this room too.

To conclude, we did win this battle but we have a lot to improve on as a whole. We do appreciate every single one of you who attend! I hope in the future we can accomplish great things! Do you have any thoughts on the battle? If so, put them down below in the comments!

Bean Pea

Flame General

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