UK Tactics Practice – Trials Edition!

This week’s was held by our Officers in Training, Bassboy, Nostalgia and Renmei! We logged onto our capital, Thermal on CPATG. The UK division is standing strong as we maxed 10 Guardians!

The first room, the iceberg, was lead brilliantly by Bassboy! We started with a horizontal line and a few tactics. We then proceeded to bomb EH, heart emotes and got into a V formation. The room was finished up strong with other assorted tactics.

The second room, the cove, was lead greatly by Nostalgia! We formed a circle proudly and did tactics with emotes! We then formed a vertical line with additional tactics.

Last but not least the third room, docks, was lead amazingly by Renmei! We bombed the room with EP, Puffle emotes! We then formed a zigzag and ended off with few tactics and emotes.

That concludes the UK practice tactics event for this week! What did you think about the event? Let us know in the comments below!

Bean Pea

Flame General

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