[EU] Battle Practice for Semi-finals

The Crimson Guardians held a battle practice today on CPATG – Thermal! It was held by our lovely Burnt Colonel, Landless and ended up maxing 10 guardians. We worked on improving our speed with tactics and formations.

We formed a horizontal line at the iceberg and started with a few tactics such as “WE WILL MELT YOU” and “ONLY ONE MATCH”. We used different emotes such as the heart emote and then raked sad face emotes. We formed a diagonal line and used more emotes such as the coin emote and tactics such as “DON’T GET BURNED”

We entered the second room, the stadium with a J bomb and formed a plus. We used tactics such as “CAN’T HANDLE THE HEAT?” and then formed a diagonal line quickly afterwards! We ruled the rooms with our tactics and emotes.

The third room, town, got raked with E1, smiley faces by the guardians. We then formed a X and used double emotes at once, such as day and night emotes. After finishing off the X with tactics we made a vertical line. This formation was perfect and straight (unlike some of our sexualities) and presented tactics in the most beautiful form, we used emotes like EB and more tactics and finally ended the room.

This was a great battle practice, I am confident that the Crimson Guardians will do the very best that they can in the upcoming battle against the People’s Imperial Confederation. Let the Guardians rise and let our flame burn bright, because we won’t give up! Who do YOU think will win this battle? Let us know in the comments!

Bean Pea

Flame General

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