Recruitment Guide

Recruiting is when the Crimson Guardians log onto a CPR server and try to gain new members! Sometimes this can be difficult especially when certain words are blocked. Here are a few tips on how to recruit and how to get recruits easier!

How do I become a Recruiter?

To become a recruiter, simply ask a staff member for the “Recruitment Coalition” role. This role gives you access to following channels, here are their purposes:

#rc-updates – Any important information/updates regarding recruitments will be given there.

#recruit-log – After recruiting someone, put their CPR username and their discord username here. This channel can also be used for recruiting on your own time.

#rc-usernames – When recruiting, it’s best to use an alt account in case it gets banned. Put your alt usernames here so staff members know who you are when recruiting!

#rc-discussion – You can discuss everything regarding the recruitment here. Put the room and server you are recruiting in, for example: “Beach, on Blizzard”. You can also use this when recruiting on your own time.

How To Recruit:

  1. Log onto any busy CPR server with an alternate account, DO NOT use your main account because there is a possibility you can get banned, an email can make 3 accounts!
  2. Start by saying Hello [username], if they respond ask them if they’d like to join Crimson Guardians. Tell them what we’re about, “We’re a fun group that host events and games” and “We track mascots, pins and codes”. If they’re interested, tell them how to join by using words that aren’t blocked, for example
    “Type Crimson Guardians cpr on goggle to join us!”
    “Go to gooogie and type Crimson Guardians CPR to join us.”
    Join us through the Crimson Guardians cpr website”
  3. You could also try asking if they have discord by using “dis cord/ disc/ dischord”, adding them and sending them an invite.
  4. If the person doesn’t respond within 10 seconds, MOVE ON. Starting a conversation will only waste time.
  5. You can move from room to room and asking various people, avoid rooms such as Town or very busy rooms because you may get reported and the chances of you getting banned are higher.
  6. Words such as Google, Discord, search, look up, internet are BLOCKED WORDS.
  7. Here are a bunch of works you can use instead to recruit:
    -Go gle
    -Dis chord
    -Find us on…
  8. Make sure to listen to the staff member hosting the recruitment, check in with them once in a while during the recruitment so they can know where you’re recruiting, etc.
  9. After getting them to join you can move on to ask more people to join and reach a goal to get extra points!

When and where to recruit:

You can recruit when a staff member announces a recruitment in the #recruitments channel! The announcement includes the Time of the recruitment, example:
“Recruitment segment in 1 hour, on CPR!”


You can individually recruit. Recruit by going onto a busy server and asking members to join. You get base points of 50 for recruiting and an extra 30 points for every recruit/new member you get! DM a staff member proof of when you were recruiting, a screenshot and the name(s) of the member(s) you recruited. No alternate discord accounts or you’ll be BANNED from earning points for a month.

Staff members are always happy to answer any questions you have regarding recruitments, events, or just in general about our server! If you have any suggestions or tips for recruiting, share them down below in the comments!

Bean Pea

Flame General

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