[US] Beniful Tactics

On Saturday, the Crimson Guardians logged onto CPATG for a US tactic practice lead by our Advisor, Beni. We maxed 6 guardians successfully throughout the event.

The first room was the Iceberg during which we did tactics like “FEEL THE BURN?” as an allusion to our fire theme, and tossed in other word and emote tactics before opening our maps to move to the next room of the event.

We entered the second room with a “Hello” bomb before getting into another diagonal line formation for unique tactics like “GIVE BENI HER PERMS BACK” and “FLYING HIGH” before quickly moving into a vertical line and soon after, finishing with the room with a “TSANI SUPERIOR” tactic in the form of a ‘cyclone’.

The last room of the event was the Town, which was where we sat in a horizontal line and made a joke alluding to stamp earners in the form of an “AT LEAST WE AIN’T GOT STAMPS” word tactic then a few other phrases before changing to a diagonal line and wrapping up the event with a “HOTTER THAN HOT CHIP” statement soon after.

This US timezone friendly event proved to be a good way to work on formations and other tactics while still having a lot of fun with it.


Flame Commander

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