A main part of Crimson Guardians other than recruitments are events. Most events are on a Club Penguin Private Server. Events are announced in the #events channel in our discord server a day before the event will happen. They include the location and timings of the event. You get embers (credits) for attending events!
This post is an explanation of the types of events we host.

>> Fun Events <<

Attending fun events rewards you with 3 credits if we reach a certain number of penguins attending. You can always suggest more fun events in the discord server! Here are the common types of fun events hosted:

Fashion Shows – This fun event is played by dressing up to the themes suggested by the host. You can show off your fashion style and creativity with fashion shows.

Hide and Seek – Hide and seek is a game most are familiar with. You can hide in rooms or seek for other penguins.

Trivia – Trivia games are a fun way of the host asking questions on CP and you answer them.

Simon Says – Simon says is also a game most are familiar with, follow only what the person hosting (“Simon”) says , or you lose! You must follow exactly what Simon says.

Tournaments – Tournaments are where you go against other people in CP mini games such as Card Jitsu or Find Four. Typically these events use brackets like Challonge to decide who goes against who.

Musical Chairs – Get in the Discord Voice Channel (VC) allocated by the host and run around the chairs in CP while music plays in the VC. When the music stops, you have to get on a chair before someone else sits on it, to avoid being eliminated.

>> Tactic Events <<

Tactics are a very important part of armies. They prepare you for battles with armies. You’re rewarded with 5 credits for attending these, typically.
What are tactics? Tactics are repeating the words or emotes the host announces (from Discord), onto Club Penguin.
For example: the host would say “CRIMSON GUARDIANS on 3” and on the count of 3 you say “CRIMSON GUARDIANS” on the game! Or “E1 on 3” and you’d present the smiley emote on the game (by pressing E1)! Formations are positions we get in with other members to look more organized.

A Guide to Tactics & Formations:
1.) Bomb: A bomb means to run anywhere while holding the tactic.
2.) Rake: A rake means to run from left to right/side to side while holding the tactic.
3.) Waterfall: A waterfall means to run up and down doing the said tactic.
4.) Wipe: A wipe means to run to a certain point in the room while holding the tactic.
5.) Tornado: A tornado means to hold a tactic while running clockwise.
6.) Explosion: An explosion means to run in any direction, once and stop.
7.) Bunch up: Bunching up means to gather on a certain point of the room. Usually a bomb or tornado will follow after this tactic.

1.) X formation: X
2.) Plus formation: +
3.) V formation: V
4.) Upside down V: /\
5.) Diagonal line: / or \
6.) Vertical or horizontal line: __ or |
7.) Upside down T: |

>> Battle Practices and Battles <<

Battles are important in armies, but what are they?

Battles are going against other armies in tournaments/invasions/defenses by using tactics. They typically last about 30 minutes and consist of 3 rooms unless a battle has to go into overtime.

Each room takes 10 minutes, we open maps and change rooms at 9 minutes in each room. The army that conquers the most rooms wins.
If a result cannot be decided from 3 rooms, the battle goes into overtime until the judges feel that they can determine an accurate winner.

Armies can also practice with each other in preparation for upcoming battles. You’re usually rewarded with 5 credits for attending these. Press here if you’d like more details about battles.

If you have any questions on different events and battles, message a Crimson Guardians HICOM member to get them answered!

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