Rec Competition FAQ

This post includes all the information you will need to know about the Crimson Guardians Recruitment Competition!
Continue reading to have basic questions and answers about this competition!

How long will this competition be?
▷ The competition will be split into 2 weeks
Each week will offer different prizes and the 2nd week may be changed a bit based on feedback!

When does each week start/end?
1st week: Starts July 14, Ends July 21
2nd week: Starts July 21, Ends July 28

How do you join?
▷ Join the competition by getting the Recruitment Coalition role
▷ DM or ping a Crimson Guardians HICOM member for the role

What are the prizes?
Week 1:
Nitro (1st place)
Custom role for 2 weeks (10 recruits)
Double embers for recruits AND events for 1 week (6 recruits)
Double embers for recruits only for 1 week (3 recruits)

Week 2:
Nitro (1st place)
Interview on WordPress + CP Player card posted on the CG Twitter (10 recruits)
Double embers for 1 week (6 recruits)
Emote of choice uploaded to CG discord (3 recruits)

What does 1st place mean?
▷1st place is for whoever gets the most recruits overall
▷ This is under the assumption that anyone gets MORE THAN 10 RECRUITS
▷ If multiple people qualify for 1st place (because they got more than 10 recruits or other reasons), then we’ll discuss options! It may end up as a raffle in that case

Who can participate?
Anyone who is enlisted (Guardians and up)!
▷ HICOM who get enough recruits for extra embers may be offered an alternative prize
▷ Trial Mods can’t buy a Moderator promotion with embers from this unless they pass trial during the competition

What if the 1st Place winner has nitro?
▷ If the 1st Place winner already has nitro, they can message a leader (Tsanami or Bean Pea), they will likely get an alternative prize

Message tsanami#2222 or ʙᴇᴀɴ#2000 on Discord if you have any questions about this, or send them in #help-desk in the Crimson Guardians discord!

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