How to Rank Up

In Crimson Guardians we use embers as a version of our old points system, to encourage members to stay active and rank up in the army. This post will explain what embers are, how to earn them, and what people can get with embers.

What Are Embers?

➱ Embers are a form of credits that Crimson Guardians offers to members for ranking up and taking advantage of other incentives, like custom roles.
➱ These are added in the #embers channel of the Crimson Guardians discord server and the leaderboard for embers is posted in the #leaderboard channel.

How to get Embers

Non CP Games = 100 embers
Good event pics = 100 embers (Total, not per pic)
Leveling up in chat = 100 embers (Per level)

Recruits = 200 embers (per recruit)
Fun Events = 300 embers
War/Battle Events = 500 embers
Events that don’t max enough = 200 embers

What do you get with Embers?

Find out what you can purchase with embers by doing ?shop in #commands
➱ There are member promotions, custom roles, and moderator promotions!

Message a Crimson Guardians HICOM on discord or ask any questions you have in the #help-desk channel to get some help!

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