Interview with the GoTM #01

Heyo Guardians This time it isn’t a Guide from me 😀 This time it is an Interview with the recent Guardian of The Month Bravo!

Everything in the interview has not been edited in any way except for grammatical errors.

– Tanjo – : So, lets start the interview by the question: How do you feel being the GoTM?
Bravo : I feel grateful and thankful for being chosen as GoTM
– Tanjo – : Nice! Is this your first GoTM?
Bravo : Yes, First time GoTM
– Tanjo – : Ayee, do you already have a command? If not do you have any idea what it could be?
Bravo : I don’t have a command as of right now, and I haven’t decided what it should be yet
– Tanjo – : I see I see, do you have any hobbies you like to do outside of CG?
Bravo : Yes, gaming and travelling through the space time continuum
– Tanjo – : Nice you really have cool hobbies I also like to do gaming! Could you say how did you get GoTM?
Bravo : By trying to be active in the server and chats and I’m grateful to the HICOM for picking me for that
– Tanjo – : I see, would you like to say anything to the community before we end the interview?
Bravo : Sure, just try your best!


So this was the interview with Bravo I hope you all know the GoTM now a bit better, make sure you congratulate him to GoTM! Check out our Twitter if you want to see the twitter post for the GoTM!

If you’d like to write posts like this one, fill out the following writers application and let a leader know:



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