[EU] CG Anniversary

Today the Crimson Guardians logged onto CPA for a fun training event lead by Tsanami, Bean Pea, and Landless! The event maxed 15 guardians and was being held to honor the fact that August 12 marked the 1 year anniversary of Crimson Guardians!
Below are speeches from Tsanami, Bean, and Landless to commemorate the occasion along with pictures from the event.

Hi Guardians, I know I may not say it often, but I’m incredibly proud of what the Crimson Guardians has become in the past year. There have been many lows and highs, but the people who stick around (whether they’re in CG or from another army and just helping out), are what matter the most. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Crimson Guardians and the flameily during the past year, especially Bean and Landless along with the rest of CG staff and advisors (even if Beni and Mythic specifically are simps). I hope to see more people joining the flame family over time to help grow the community in whatever way they can. Crimson Guardians wouldn’t be what it is today without the help of everyone, we love you all. Here’s to another year of fun and memories. Fear the flame.

Hey guardians, I’m so proud of how far we’ve come. We’ve gone through so much yet we’re still standing strong today, still improving. Thank you for putting in the effort to keep our flame still burning. Thank you Sanam for making crimson guardians what is it today and landless for joining me as mod from the start, thank you to those who were there for the journey such as josh, pink, beni, thank you to the troops who’ve always been a part of the flameily such as moho and joha! Crimson Guardians wouldn’t be what it is today without you guys, we love you lots and we hope to see you next anniversary! 😀
-Bean Pea

Hey guardians!! Thank you all for welcoming me into your community. It’s been a wild ride and I never expected to be where I am today. I truly enjoy being a part of this community and I can not wait to spend another year. You guys are such an amazing flameily and I thank each and every one of you for your contribution to Crimson Guardians. I love you all!


Flame Commander

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