Sloppy Noodles as GoTM; August

GoTM is an important way to honor members who’ve shown efforts in our server, Sloppy’s activity in Crimson Guardians this month was rewarded with the well-deserved Guardian of The Month (also known as Troop of The Month)! Here’s an interview with the famous Sloppy Noodles herself:

Note: No words were edited except for spelling errors.

Bean: So sloppy, how did you feel when you were announced as guardian of the month?
Sloppy: I felt pretty honored to be honest considering I had just been away the month before. It was a nice surprise.

Bean: What role color and command did you choose for GOTM?
Sloppy: I chose a delectable grey color to match my current pfp and for my command (?cute-dog-vid) I chose a link to an adorable dog doing cute things to get those serotonin levels boosted.

Bean: awesome! Why do you think you achieved GOTM?
Sloppy: I think because I’ve been staying fairly active in chats and attending all the events I can this month.

Bean: Nice! Enough about GOTM, let’s know more about Sloppy, can you tell us something interesting about yourself? For example a hobby of yours or your favorite song?
Sloppy: Umm. I do a lot of acting when I can, always looking for auditions and stuff. But due to everything going on right now I’ve been trying to practice piano, ukulele and clarinet more often. I’ve also started learning how to crochet and knit so I can prepare to be a grandma.

Bean: That’s iconic! Is there anything else you’d like to add before we end the interview?
Sloppy: #sloppy4leader


Congratulations to Sloppy Noodles for achieving GoTM! If you’d like to become GoTM become active in the community and it might be possible! A twitter post will be out soon too. If you’d like to apply for writer to interview people, apply with the link on our website!

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