Moharp’s GOTM Interview

After a month of Sloppy being GOTM there had to be a new person to take the title. Today, we have an interview with the one and only Moha, the new GOTM.

Sloppy: Moha, how did you feel to be announced GOTM?

Moha: Idk I was kinda surprised but also honored to be the GoTM this month, was a good surprise tho.

Sloppy: Why do you think you got GOTM this month?

Moha: I think it’s bc I’m active in chats and attend events whenever I’m free, and ofc bc I’m the one who’s gonna coup this army

Sloppy: Ofc comrade, I’ll be there to help you relinquish Tsanami’s title. Now, tell me what you get up to in your spare time. What hobbies do you have, ect?

Moha: Usually, getting out of bed is enough of a hobby for me, but I also play soccer with pals sometimes, I’ve also been trying new sports like tennis and swimming recently, but I don’t find myself in anything else.

Sloppy: Epicc, is there anything else you’d like to add before we finish?

Moha: #CoupSanam


And there you have it folks! The Moha interview. We hope Moha has a fun time as GOTM and can’t wait to see who gets it next! (Nothing has been edited here except grammatical errors).


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