Extinguishing the Flame

As of April 25, 2021, the Crimson Guardians have officially closed their doors as an army.

When I first started creating the Crimson Guardians in 2019, I never imagined how many highs and lows it would go through, or that it would last for so long. I took on the server that would become known as the Crimson Guardians a few short months after I first joined the army community, and built up an army to the best of my abilities in spite of not having any previous experience running an army. As such, the Crimson Guardians discord server will remain up and open as a hangout for ex members and friends.

Many individuals have helped Crimson Guardians reach its peak moments and while I can’t take the time to name all of them, their efforts will be remembered. I would also like to take a moment to appreciate some of our closest allies over the past years such as the Red Ravagers, Pizza Federation, Pizza Clan, Army of Club Penguin, and Royal Family.

This post is clearly a few days late, but it was difficult to find the right words for a statement to close out almost 2 years of the first army I created. While we always had our highs and lows as an army, I couldn’t be prouder of the achievements accomplished and memories made through this first generation.


Crimson Guardians Creator


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