Official Uniform

Hello Guardians, I’m here to bring you our official uniform, and how to get it!

Okay so first thing to do is to go to Town, you can go to town by clicking the map in the Bottom Left corner of your screen and then going to the town!

Map Location found in the bottom left hand corner
How to go to the town

Once you’re there, head on over to the gift shop! Its the building on the right side, with a sign that says Gift Shop above it. Then, click on the Penguin Style Catalogue on the bottom right.

Penguin style Catalogue in the bottom right

Step One: Be sure to buy the red color if you haven’t already, it’s the armies official color!

Step Two: Scroll to the ninth page of the catalogue, click on the right side of the primal blue face paint and buy the Red Letterman Jacket!

Red Letterman jacket on the ninth page of the catalogue

Step Three: Now scroll to the fifteenth page of the catalogue and buy the Black Sunglasses

Black Sunglasses on the fourteenth page of the catalogue

And that’s pretty much it, you now have the official Crimson Guardians uniform! You can check for any events we may have in #events, see you there guardians




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