Moharp’s GOTM Interview

After a month of Sloppy being GOTM there had to be a new person to take the title. Today, we have an interview with the one and only Moha, the new GOTM.

Sloppy: Moha, how did you feel to be announced GOTM?

Moha: Idk I was kinda surprised but also honored to be the GoTM this month, was a good surprise tho.

Sloppy: Why do you think you got GOTM this month?

Moha: I think it’s bc I’m active in chats and attend events whenever I’m free, and ofc bc I’m the one who’s gonna coup this army

Sloppy: Ofc comrade, I’ll be there to help you relinquish Tsanami’s title. Now, tell me what you get up to in your spare time. What hobbies do you have, ect?

Moha: Usually, getting out of bed is enough of a hobby for me, but I also play soccer with pals sometimes, I’ve also been trying new sports like tennis and swimming recently, but I don’t find myself in anything else.

Sloppy: Epicc, is there anything else you’d like to add before we finish?

Moha: #CoupSanam


And there you have it folks! The Moha interview. We hope Moha has a fun time as GOTM and can’t wait to see who gets it next! (Nothing has been edited here except grammatical errors).


US / AUSIA Tactics Practice

After a fairly uneventful week, The Crimson Guardians had an action packed weekend! We had a tactics event led by Bassboy where our flames burned bright. We first conquered the Iceberg with a max of 5 and made sure to show CPR what we’re made of with our fiery new uniform!

After many emotes and other such tactics, the Guardians continued to conquer the dock, spreading their message and wrapping up the tactics event!

We’re one big flameily and we will never burn out!

Sloppy 🙂