Beginner’s Guide

What are Club Penguin Armies? (1.)

➱ Club Penguin armies are a way for players to get together and participate in fun events with one another.
Armies battle, declare war, and invade other’s land, so we hold battle practices to prepare for these events.
➱ Armies are part of different leagues and organizations. We are not currently part of any organizations, but that may be subject to change.

What We Do (2.)

The Crimson Guardians host recruitments and events.
➱ Recruiting: When we get new members to join us. Read about how to recruit [here]. You get 200 embers for every 1 recruit.
➱ Events: Fun events, trainings, and battles on CP. Read more about events [here]. You receive 300 embers for attending fun events if we reach a certain max (number of penguins). For training events, you will receive 500 embers for reaching the max goal.
➱ Battles are an important part of armies where we combat each other with tactics which you can get more detail about [here]. You get 500 credits for attending if we reach a certain max.

How to Rank Up (3.)
➱ We use a credits system we call embers to motivate members to rank up
➱ To earn a rank promotion, you must earn embers through attending events, recruiting, and being active in chat.
➱ If you reach the highest member rank, you can buy a moderator rank with your credits.
➱You can then rise through moderator ranks in the same way. You can read more here

Army Relations (4.)

➱ Armies may ally or become enemies with other armies. Allies are armies we’re friendly with and you’re allowed to join them. Enemies are armies we are not friendly with.
Don’t join the discords or events of enemy armies.
➱ Our Nations page lists our allies, enemies, etc.

Other Server Roles (5.)

There are many ways to contribute to the community, some of these include tracking, writing, and designing.
Trackers track mascots, pins, and codes. When a mascot is on, they’ll track which rooms they are in. When a new pin is out they’ll be the first to let you know. When a new code is out, trackers will inform you.
Writers write posts for our website. Posts include CP guides and interviews, etc. Read more about what writers do here.
Designers create any graphics and art for our community. They create things such as banners, headers and backgrounds for Crimson Guardians.

Other roles include Social Media Manager and Supervisor. Social Media Managers help post to our Twitter and Instagram. Supervisors assist with giving embers, moderating chat, and sometimes host in-server games.

How to become a Designer: Make a Crimson Guardians server banner and send it to Landless or a Crimson Guardians HICOM member on discord.

How to become a Tracker: Fill out the form below

How to be a Writer: Fill in the application below

How to be a Supervisor or Social Media Manager: DM a Flame Commander and they will direct you in what to do next.

Timezone Map

Use this timezone map to determine what your timezone is and when the best time for you to attend events is!

World Time Zone Map | List of Time Zones of All Countries

If you have any questions, message a member of the Crimson Guardians High Command for help, or ask them in the #help-desk channel!