Hall of Flame

Crimson Guardians Hall of Fame

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The individuals listed here are some of the most loyal and active individuals that we have seen and will see in Crimson Guardians over time.

———ˋˏ ∵ Tsanami ∴ ˎˊ———
Tsanami is the creator and the first leader of the Crimson Guardians as they are known now. She set up the army in early August and has been leading the army since then. In spite of handling a lot of the behind the scenes work, she has lead the army to some of its highest maxes such as twenty six and helped ensure that its move from CPO to CPR went smoothly.

———ˋˏ ∵ Benieni ∴ ˎˊ———
Beni helped with many of the technical details of setting up the Crimson Guardians before settling into an advisory role for some time due to having other priorities. She joined official leadership of Crimson Guardians in late November to help out further and has been actively helping out since then, no matter of the position she holds at any time.

— • Sophie Snow • —

Sophie spent a lot of her time assisting with monitoring lower ranked staff, particularly groups of trial staff, to ensure that they got any supervision or general help that they needed. She is valued in this Hall of Fame as one of the former staff members who has been around longest and has shown that she is willing to help out wherever and whenever needed.

— • Y e e t • —

Yeet, also known as Boiio, was an active and efficient member of staff during her time of activity. She was a welcomed part of the army’s community in spite of not having been around as much after it became The Crimson Guardians.

— • Elec Twix • —

Elec was an AUSIA moderator and put a lot of effort and creativity into Crimson Guardians. Some examples of Elec Twix’s efforts include assisting with set up of the army’s roles and such from the start, hosting puzzles, and suggesting new ideas for boosting activity in CG.

— • Haley • —

Haley was a part of Crimson Guardians from its earliest days and has mainly been a part of the advisory panel of Crimson Guardians through her time in the army. However, she has contributed greatly through her suggestions along with her custom graphics for the army, which can often be seen in our public pages and posts.

— • Mohamed3999 • —

Mohamed, who held a moderator position, contributed a large amount to training trial staff. He joined Crimson Guardians when it was still fairly young and stayed active in it to attend both U.K. and U.S. division events typically, proving to be capable of being an active staff member.

— • Bean Pea • —

Bean Pea joined Crimson Guardians during its earliest days and started from a moderator rank. After helping with keeping the U.K. division of CG monitored and active, she moved up even higher in the ranks and eventually got Leader in July of 2020 where she continues to make a solid impact by actively recruiting and providing assistance where needed.

— • Landless • —

Landless was another individual who joined Crimson Guardians as a moderator during its early days. Landless successfully made her way through the CG ranks and eventually moved up to High Command and Leader in Training positions while proving to be capable of fairly consistent activity along with offering valuable suggestions. She is currently one of the heads for the U.S. timezone branch of the army and continues to work hard.

— • Wxnderweg • —

Wxn was originally one of the Mini Musketeers, an active group within Crimson Guardians staff that consisted of one active staff member from each timezone. They were a big boost to the AUSIA division during their time on staff and brightened up Crimson Guardians with their custom designs for the army. In addition to general activity and design help, they helped make exceptional changes to the moderation system with their suggestions.

— • SlOppy_n00dles • —

Sloppy was a second member of the Mini Musketeers group and helped with boosting the U.K. division of CG. Most notably, she moved from a low moderator position up to third in command over time, and typically assisted with ensuring that the occasional gap between staff and member ranks regarding communication were bridged during her time of active moderation in Crimson Guardians. She later returned in fall of 2020 in a moderator position to help with recruiting for some time.

— • Stinklord420 • —

Stinklord was the third member of the Mini Musketeers and assisted with events and such of the U.S. timezone division, along with helping create graphics for Crimson Guardians. She started out as a lower moderator like others, then worked her way up to the position of second in command over time before stepping down.

— • TheMythicCrown • —

Mythic is yet another individual who has been mainly advisory throughout his time in Crimson Guardians. Mythic has made an impact in CG through assisting with staff duties more often than required and offering constructive feedback on ways to improve efficiency within CG’s staff and member ranks.

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