[U.S.] Night of the Living Sled

On Thursday, Crimson Guardians logged on to Club Penguin Rewritten to perform the play Night of the Living Sled. We maxed a total of 8 penguins! See below:

Should we do more play events? Let us know below!



Pumpkin’s GOTM Interview

Hello Guardians! Today we have an interview with Pumpkin, our new Guardian of the Month!

Neo: So, firstly, How did it feel to be announced the GotM?

Pumpkin: It was nice, its not the nobel peace prize but im glad that i was quite glad i got it overall.

Neo: So what colour did you choose for your GOTM role, and did it have any specific reasoning?

Pumpkin: I picked orange mostly because it goes with my pumpkin theme i suppose.

Neo: That makes perfect sense. so aside from GotM we’d like to know about yourself too! Do you have any hobbies you enjoy a lot, aside from Discord?

Pumpkin: Well I do alot of programming when i have the chance, ive been trades to be an electrician and its and its quite a exciting career to get into.

Neo: That’s really cool! I’d sure love to be a good programmer. Anyways, Thanks a lot for this interview! Is there anything you’d like to say to all the people reading this?

Pumpkin: Crimson Guardians FTW

Neo: Crimson Guardians FTW indeed! Thanks a lot again!

This interview has not been edited in any way, other than grammatical corrections.



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