Bean’s Retirement Event

Hey guardians, this event post is gonna be more personal than others, I want to thank everyone who has made my club penguin experience enjoyable! I’m so proud to say we maxed 14 guardians for my Goodbye mashup! I hope we can continue to grow not only as an army, but a family! Here are some pictures of my final event:

It was a fun journey becoming flame commander and making great memories along the way, it was an honor being a part of Crimson Guardians! I learnt a lot from Sanam which I’m thankful for. I hope this army gets stronger day by day, please don’t give up on it because the end result will be worth it.

I hope you all make the right decisions for yourself, keep playing CP if it’s the right decision for you but always remember to put your mental health first! Good luck with life, I’ll miss you guys! I’ll still be on discord though so if you ever need me don’t be afraid to DM me. I love you all and last but not least, keep our flame burning bright!

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