Back in Action

Hello everyone! The Crimson Guardians are back in Action. Haha see what I did there, Action as in… I’m Action… no? Okay I’ll leave now.

Okay but for realsies, after taking permission from both Tsanami and Beni, I am officially reviving the Crimson Guardians for its second generation. The revival event will be held on Sunday the 20th. Prepare for a lot of fun, and a lot of action (okay I’m sorry, I’m done)

The previous generation has seen highs and lows, maxing good numbers. In the Fjord Frenzy tournament, we maxed 22 online under Bean’s leadership. Later, in an invasion on CPO, we managed to break the old size record and maxed 26 under Grandma’s (Tsanami’s) leadership. Also managed to beat the Pirates in the Legends Cup (yeah yeah it was by default but hey, a win’s a win)

However, all good things must come to an end. Eventually, in the end, as our numbers became lower, I joined as Leader in Training at the time to help, but irl held me up and eventually we were forced to shut CG down. This time will be different. You may be asking “Action you’re stupid and dumb and wrote a half satire for the revival post, HOW WILL THIS BE DIFFERENT”. Well my readers who probably never asked that, that’s exactly it, I’m stupid and dumb. I don’t give up, and I will work my butt off until I bring CG back up to its former glory. Till next time.

I have a team of staff and advisors to support this new generation, DM ActionSpark#2212 on discord if you’d like to join the team. Join the discord here



Pyro Commander


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